Ziran Suna

JS Conf 2019

Build an end-to-end IoT system using JavaScript with "GDPR awareness" | JS Conf 2019

This talk will discuss why we think that JavaScript is a good language option for IoT development by walking you through a loosely coupled end to end IoT system, from new device on-boarding to remote access via gateway. Technologies we have been used and/or contributed to for building the IoT system using JavaScript will be discussed. At each stage, GDPR compliance of these technologies will be looked into. To address the issue of resource restriction in embedded devices, we will introduce you to JerryScript, an ultra-light JavaScript engine by Samsung. It is followed by a comparison of popular JavaScript platforms based on JerryScript that provide direct JavaScript APIs to developers. The open gateway framework is node.js based and targets at decentralized ‘Internet of Things’ with privacy and security in mind.